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Darades gives you the ability to own the most unique and exclusive products from all around the world in both the real world and the Metaverse.

Darades is about craftspersons and artisans, the creatives who design and make the most stunning and unique products.  Darades has gathered together the most talented designers, artisans and crafts people to give you the ability to build, customise and create the products that make you unique.

Darades has built a Digital Showroom that gives artisans and craftspersons a platform to create and sell their products across realities. This Digital Showroom gives people the power to customise all of the products on the platform so they can create products that are truely unique to them.



Garry Normoyle

I love hand making furniture from different materials exploring what can be done in a new way and rediscovering traditional techniques. I have been designing and/or making products for 15 years and making furniture has been a passion of mine for even longer.


One day I started to wonder how we can make furniture that crosses realities, Darades was the answer. The traditional craft approach with new and modern materials and technologies is where Darades will exist so we can produce high quality craft furniture for all realities.

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